Click here to Download mandelstep.tar.gz
>>>> To install on a Unix based machine: <<<<

To run "mandelstep" you will need the tcl/tk package's "wish" program version 4.0 or greater.

Obtain it at: (general info) (downloading)

Follow the instructions for installing it.


>>> To install the mandelstep program:

1) Download the package tar file mandelstep0.4.tar.gz. (or just mandelstep.tar.gz)

2) Unpack it somewhere via:

gzip -dc mandelstep0.4.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

This will create directory "mandelstep0.4"

3) Change directory to it by:

cd mandelstep0.4

(you will find this current install file there again.)

Run the install script by typing:


This will create program "mandelstep" run it by typing:


If it works ok, then move the file "mandelstep" to some directory in your PATH and type "rehash". Then you can start the program by typing "mandelstep" from any directory.