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>>>> To install on a MS Windows based machine: <<<<

You will need the Windows version of the tcl/tk "wish" program version 4.1 or higher installed on your PC.

It is available in the form of a self-installing binary at: (general info) (downloading)

1) Launch the tcl/tk installation binary and follow any instructions or tips.

2) Make double-click bindings for tcl files:

>> Windows 3.x:

Make a binding in File Manager or Windows (C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI) for *.tcl file something like:

tcl=C:\TCL\BIN\WISH41.EXE ^.tcl

>> Win95

There is a similar way to make a binding for *.tcl files under Win95 in Explorer. Read the Win95 help if it is not clear what to do.

3) Next, download the zip file MANDLSTP.ZIP and unpack in some directory with


(note the -d switch to preserve directory name)

This will create a subdirectory MANDLSTP with files:


Work your way to MANDLSTP.TCL in any of Program-Manager/Run, File Manager. or Windows Explorer, and double-click on it to start it up.

tcl/tk is slow in processing the initial background GIF file, should take ~30 seconds or so to start, sorry for the delay!